Need help choosing a color?

Trust us… If you look at the 60+ colors we have available and just want to throw up your hands, you are not alone. This can be overwhelming so let us get you on the right path with some tips.

The first thing you need to know is that we provide a very helpful filtering tool on the Colors category page. It will help you quickly search for a color, tone, and finish. Here is where it is (note the aqua arrow).

A word about tone. (What do “cool” and “warm” mean anyway?)

If you know your skin tone, you can more easily pick good colors for you. There are two skin tones: warm and cool.

You have a warm skin tone if:

  • Your skin has a golden, yellow or olive hue.
  • Your veins in your wrist look greenish.
  • Gold jewelry complements your skin.
  • You tan or bronze fairly easily.

You have a cool skin tone if:

  • Your skin has a pink, red or bluish hue.
  • Your veins in your wrist look blue.
  • Silver jewelry complements your skin.
  • You burn before you tan.

You can quickly eliminate a lot of colors simply by choosing your skin tone. Roughly half of our colors fall into each tone though a few are classified as “Neutral” and work for either skin tone.

In general, if you are warm, look for reds and orange colors. If you are cool, look for colors that have blue and purple in them. If you want reds, go for the reds with a bluish tint (such as Blu-Red).

Remember that these are guidelines and feel free to ignore us. The most important factor is what you like and are trying to accomplish.


You can also filter based on the general color you want: neutral, brown, pink, purple, berry, red, orange, coral, etc. Keep in mind that naming colors are subjective and colors look different on different skin tones.


Lipsense comes in three different finishes: matte, frost, and shimmer. These terms are pretty self-explanatory and you probably already know which look you are going for. Use the filter tool to help you find options quickly.

Using the filter tool for all three options (color, finish, and tone) will help you very quickly drill down to the colors you are looking for. Good luck!

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