Need help choosing a gloss?

There are more than a dozen LipSense glosses and many of them are very similar. Unless you have a specific need, just make things simple and choose either Glossy Gloss or Matte Gloss. These two glosses have no extra tints and provide either a shimmery or flat finish. Glossy Gloss is the most popular gloss by far and Matte Gloss is the second most popular.

If you are looking for something more interesting, here are descriptions of the other glosses.

Pearl Gloss has slightly less shine than Glossy Gloss and has a bit of a milky look.

Bougainvillea Gloss has a lot of shine and a lot of pink. You can wear it by itself. When paired with a LipSense color, expect it to add a bit of reddish-pink tint.

Sand Gloss has a light beige tint and is halfway between Glossy and Matte in terms of shine. Think of it like a semi-gloss.

Silver, Gold, and Pink Glitter Glosses add sparkle. The glosses themselves are clear. The color refers to the flecks of sparkle themselves.

Rose Gloss has low shine and a slight rose pink tint.

Orchid Gloss is used to add more pink/purple to a LipSense color. It has a good deal of shimmer.

Opal Gloss adds a good deal of purple when applied over another LipSense color.

Prism Gloss is a multi-colored glittering gloss.

Diamond Kiss Gloss is a decadent glitter gloss made with real diamonds. Use Silver Glitter Gloss as a cheaper alternative.